Cash Optimization SOLUTIONS

Improve Cash Affordability with Perativ Cash Distribution Network Optimization Solutions

With cash use declining and the cost of cash distribution rising, there’s mounting pressure for banks to transform and optimize their cash distribution networks. To combat this challenge, we provide a proven, dynamic, automated SaaS platform that tackles the complexity and costs of managing bank cash distribution networks, including ATMs, CDUs, teller cash and branch vaults. You continue to use your preferred CIT providers and service providers, Perativ helps you effectively manage the cash through this distribution network. You will also gain real-time visibility of your cash distribution network and access timely reconciled data so that you’re empowered to make strategic decisions.


Eradicate silos

Break down silos between the interrelated activities of forecasting, delivery/return balancing and treasury reconciliation to eliminate critical data lags and generate accurate, real-time data and reconciliations.

Modernize your operations

Modernize your operations – Leverage the power of AI automation to dramatically reduce time-consuming manual processes. Reduce FTEs and re-allocate costs.

Optimize your cash

Delight your customers by making cash accessible where and when they need it, and affordable for you.

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INFO SHEET: Cash distribution optimization

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