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AODA Compliance -
Accessibility Plan


At Perativ, we have developed the reputation as a market a leader in cash distribution services and technology since our inception in 2005. The organization services more than 10,000 ATMs for banks (such as BMO and RBC), major retailers (such as Walmart Canada), and a multitude of other businesses across Canada. We pride ourselves on helping our customers materially reduce their ATM management cost, improve their customer experience and make their operations more productive. We are committed to maintaining clean data driven processes that drive insight and efficiency. We pride ourselves on leading the market and developing innovative solutions for customers. This has led to the recently launch of our SaaS solution for global retail banks, helping rethink cash distribution. Our purpose is to Make Cash Accessible and Affordable.

Being a market leader requires staying ahead of the curve and putting customer service first to maintain a strong reputation. This cannot be accomplished without having an eclectic and diverse team of employees who continuously drive our business excellence.

As such, Perativ has always placed accessibility at a high level for both our direct customers, the general public, and our employees.

We at Perativ are committed to providing a barrier-free environment not only for our customers, but for our organizational members and in our service practices. We are committed to meeting the accessibility needs of persons with disabilities in a timely manner. Our goal is to ensure that anyone involved in providing or using our services can do so, recognizing that some individuals will need to be accommodated to provide fair opportunities, where possible. This goal is the foundation to which all our policies, practices and procedures are created surrounding the Integrated Regulation.

The preceding accessibility plan outlines what steps Perativ has taken and will take to prevent and remove barriers to accessibility, to meet its requirements under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA).

This plan will be maintained and reviewed at least once every five years. The goal of reviewing the plan is to ensure Perativ continues to meet the needs of those with disabilities, where possible. It will also help determine any specific steps Perativ can take to increase accessibility and how we can reach the goals of our accessibility policy.

The accessibility plan is posted on our company website and can be provided in a format that accommodates a person with a disability, upon request.

Our plan shows how Perativ will play its role in making Ontario an accessible province for all Ontarians.

Historical Commitment to Accessibility

Perativ historically has been committed to assisting individuals who require accommodations, whether they are customers, employees, 3rd party vendors, consultants, and all other members of the public.

Whether this is discussing in advance to meet the needs of a customer who requests accommodation, helping employees who need accommodations to be successful at work, or being aware of alternative methods to best accommodate 3rd party vendors, Perativ has been considerate and aware to keep the needs of others a priority.

Perativ has remained compliant with the Customer Service Standard. Perativ has been open to accommodating customers to utilize our services. Should a customer inform a member of Perativ that they require accommodation, measures have been taken to provide such accommodation. When handling customer service issues, our trained staff have always treated each customer with respect, dignity and equally.

When procuring ATM products, our Sales and Services teams have been made aware of the features that provide accessibility to end-users. Our Service teams are proficient in ensuring all features of these products are in working-order and repaired, when needed.

When hiring, Perativ has informed potential candidates that they can request accommodation during the hiring process, when needed.

When an employee required accommodations, the matter was discussed with their manager and a 3rd party (if necessary) to determine how to meet their needs. A solution was derived, within reason, using business resources to ensure the employees success. As well, if able to do so, based on business needs other flexible arrangements have been provided, such as a flexible work schedule.

Accommodations to meet the needs of any individual with a disability has always been a top priority for our company and will continue to be in the future.

Strategies and Actions Planned

Customer Service

Perativ is committed to providing accessible customer service to people with disabilities. This means that we will provide goods and services to people with disabilities with the same high quality and timeliness, as others.

Perativ is compliant with the AODA's Customer Service Standard with the following initiatives that are ongoing:

  • An accessibility policy was put in place, outlining Perativ's approach to meet the needs of persons with disabilities and ensure a barrier-free environment to provide clear expectations to all company employees, volunteers and customers.
  • Perativ members will consider different ways to communicate and strategies to meet the needs of people with disabilities, such as the mediums of communication (in person, by telephone, electronically, and through print), using plain language, and offering information in alternate formats where possible, on request.
  • Persons with a disability are permitted to use their own assistive device when on Perativ premises for the purposes of obtaining, using or benefiting from our goods or services.
  • Service animals are welcomed on Perativ company property and procedures are set in place to ensure all Perativ members and customers abide by specific rules to respect these animals and the individuals on site.
  • Support persons are welcomed on Perativ company property and procedures are set in place to clarify information they are given access to respect the relationship with Perativ and their customers.
  • Any notice of business disruptions are provided by the Perativ members handling a person with a disability, when it is identified that a person with a disability is scheduled to be on Perativ company property in a communication format that accommodates their needs.
  • Any business disruptions are recorded for auditing purposes, indicating if accommodations were needed and how they were provided to ensure continued service to people with disabilities.
  • Notices are posted on Perativ company property, informing the public that the documents required by the Customer Service Standard are available upon request and will be provided in a format that takes a person's disability into account.

Information and Communications

Perativ is committed to making our information and communications accessible to people with disabilities.

Perativ either provides or arrange for the provision of accessible formats and communication supports for persons with disabilities for any information and/or communications that the organization controls directly or indirectly through contractual relationships. Perativ consults with the person making the request to determine the suitability of an accessible format or communication support and ensures these are provided in a timely manner. Any accessible format or communication support generated is kept for future use to ensure ease of access upon request.

Perativ also abides by the World Wide Web Consortium Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 guidelines. Perativ ensures all company websites and web content conform with level AA of this standard.


Perativ is committed to fair and accessible employment practices

To remain compliant with AODA regulations, Perativ has implemented the following throughout the employee lifecycle:

  • Through the recruitment and selection process of candidates for hire, Perativ has communicated through online job advertisements and through the selection process for candidates to inform the hiring managers should they need accommodation. In turn, hiring managers will seek accommodations necessary, upon request.
  • Outlined a plan for developing an individualized accommodation plan to those who need it and have implemented with staff.
  • Perativ employees are made aware to request accommodations if needed to handle emergency responses. In such cases, individualized plans are documented to ensure their needs are met in such situations, whether that requires support from other members, receiving information in accessible formats, and any other reasonable way to provide accommodation.
  • Developed and documented processes to execute return-to-work plans for employees, when needed, accounting for accommodations that need to be made temporarily, permanently, or for reoccurrences.
  • Whether an employee's performance is being evaluated, they are being provided career development and advancement opportunities, or their job is being redeployed, the accessibility needs and individualized accommodation plans will be factored in to ensure all employees are set up for success.

Self-Service Kiosks & Procurement

Perativ is committed to incorporating accessibility features / considering accessibility for people with disabilities when designing, procuring or acquiring self-service kiosks.

Within our industry, Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are equipped to accommodate persons with disabilities, to ensure accessibility to meet the needs of the widest range of users to use ATMs independently and securely.

However, Perativ members who are responsible for procuring, selling and maintaining these units do the following:

  • Review ATM manuals during the procurement phase to understand all the features of the units and how they meet accommodation needs of others.
  • Managers train those who sell and handle these products to provide a better understanding of these features.
  • Those responsible for selling and maintaining these products will properly educate customers on the accessibility features and how they impact persons with disabilities.
  • Those responsible for selling and maintaining these products will properly educate customers on measures to ensure they are made accessible to persons with disabilities; including: technical features, structural features, and the access path to the kiosk.


Perativ is committed to providing training in the requirements of Ontario's accessibility laws and the Ontario Human Rights Code as it applies to people with disabilities.

Perativ has completed and will continue to train all members of the company, as necessary, focusing on the following procedures:

  • Training is tailored to specific roles within the organization. This has resulted in employees, volunteers and other persons having appropriate training based on their duties.
  • New members to the company are provided training during the onboarding process; while existing members are provided training as soon as practically possible and on an ongoing basis whenever there are any changes to the policies and/or when members incorporate duties that were not provided in their previous duties that require further training.
  • Perativ has prepared documentation summarizing the contents of all related training and has made this available to its members.
  • All members of Perativ are trained to serve customers with disabilities in order to ensure all persons are treated with dignity, have their independence respected, provided integration into how our goods and services are delivered, and given equal opportunity to receive our goods and services.
  • Perativ maintains training records for all staff and ensures training is provided. as needed to ensure all company members are up-to-date on company protocols.
  • Training is provided in the form of video presentations, policies to review, and additional live guidance from policymakers.
  • Training can be provided in an accessible format, upon request.
  • As new information arises, training will be modified in real-time and information will be provided to all applicable Perativ members, with a commitment of reviewing and re-training at least once every five (5) years.


Perativ has ensured there are accessible ways to provide and respond to feedback for members of the company and the public, to ensure this is promptly actioned. This has been accomplished in the following ways:

  • Feedback can be provided utilizing accessible formats and communications supports, upon request.
  • Staff are trained on the various ways to accept feedback.
  • Procedures have been outlined on receiving feedback and the follow-up process.

For More Information

For more information on this accessibility plan, please contact: Jeff Shlanger, Director of Human Resources at (416) 529-8297 or via email at

You may also mail inquiries to Jeff's attention:
Perativ General Partnership
191 Attwell Drive, Unit 4,
Toronto, Ontatio M9W 5Z2

Standard and accessible formats of this document are free upon request from Jeff Shlanger, Director of Human Resources.

The last accessibility compliance report, confirming the organization's compliance was submitted October 4, 2023.

Perativ General Partnership, reserves the right to change its policies and programs, from time to time, as it sees fit and as required by business and economic conditions.

Any revisions to the Accessibility Plan will be communicated to all Perativ members and other stakeholders, as necessary.