The cost of cash

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Retail Bankers: Rethink the cost of cash and cash distribution

Cash is a core bank customer experience. With the cost of cash rising, there’s mounting pressure to transform and optimize your cash distribution network. To combat this challenge, we provide a proven, dynamic, AI automated platform that helps you tackle the complexity and drive down the costs of your cash distribution network, including your ATMs, TCR/TCUs and branches. 

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Solutions by Perativ

Cash Distribution Network Optimization

Drive millions in savings for your bank

Bank Branded ATMs

Expand your brand reach and delight your customers

Industries Served

Retail Banks

Cash is and will continue to be a key customer service. Many retail banks struggle to meet customer cash expectations in a cost effective way. Perativ makes cash accessible and affordable, letting you provide cash where and when your customers want it, in a way that's most efficient for your bank.


We make cash accessible to consumers by powering more than 11,000 ATMs in merchant locations.

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Cash Distribution Network Optimization


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