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Bank Branded ATMs

Improve Cash Accessiblity with Perativ Bank Branded ATM Deployments & Operations

We support you in navigating your digital and cash transformation. Our team understands the challenges you face to modernize and digitize your bank. With increasing pressure to deliver a superior seamless experience for your customers, simply reducing ATMs in the field to reduce costs can have an adverse impact of customer experience at a time when positive customer experience is a competitive edge.

With Perativ by your side, you can better leverage your ATM network as a strategic tool for promoting your brand and driving positive customer experience in a cost effective manner.


Working closely with your ATM team, we provide a consultative approach and cost effective element to your overall ATM strategy to meet your key objectives of ensuring customers have convenient access to cash at a sustainable cost to the bank. How? We leverage our extensive merchant network and experience to help you:

  • Acquire ATM locations in underserved areas and to off-set branch closures
  • Expand ATM footprint in select geographies for competitive reasons
  • Satisfy bank commercial customers requests for ATMs in their locations
  • Support “full chain” merchant ATM coverage while allowing the bank to “downsize” the number of bank branded ATMs in that chain

By combining proactive strategies with flexible and responsive service, we help you uncover opportunities and tap into the potential of your ATM network to make cash accessible and affordable.

Bank Branded ATMs

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