Podcast: Rethink the Cost of Cash Distribution

The Rethink the Cost of Cash Distribution podcast series hosts candid conversations with inspiring and innovative speakers. We speak with guests about the costs of cash distribution, challenges with keeping retail bank cash costs low, and innovating thinking around how to lower cash distribution costs for financial institutions. 

In our first episode, we speak with Chris Chandler, CEO of Perativ. 

Topics covered in this podcast include:

  •  Society is not "cashless" but "less-cash", requiring a robust cash distribution network despite smaller volume at each cashpoint/ ATM
  •  Large cash floats to satisfy demand contribute to keeping costs high
  •  Eliminating idle cash in float and enhancing cash data to drive immediate and significant savings  - positioning your retail bank teams for further cash transformation

Click 'play' to listen now:

Enjoyed the podcast? Have questions about cash distribution optimization or wan't to appear as a guest? Submit your questions/ ideas and we'll turn them into future podcasts!