With Perativ, use 30-40% less cash & drive down CIT and FTE costs

Eradicate silos

Forecasting, load balancing and treasury reconciliation are interrelated activities that have been traditionally siloed in banks. With Perativ, you can easily eradicate these traditional silos to eliminate critical data lags and generate accurate, real-time data and reconciliations. Transform your accounting tasks into intelligence that removes blind spots, drives winning strategies and lowers costs.

Modernize your operations

Our proven data analytics engine combined with automation ushers in new levels of efficiency, accuracy and speed. Streamline and simplify your bank operations to dramatically reduce manual processes and associated costs. By saving time and money on your cash operations, you can reallocate these valuable resources to what matters most – building the bank of the future.

Optimize your cash distribution

You have most likely optimized silos. Yet, your cash distribution costs remain stubbornly high.  Resorting to branch and ATM closures will adversely impact customers and is counter to your growth strategy. With Perativ, you’ll lower cash distribution costs  without resorting to closures. Plus, you’ll order less cash, require less FTE and CIT orders.

Want to size up your breakthrough value?

This solution is ideal for banks with this profile:

  • 500-50,000 ATMs and more than 500 branches
  • You’ve already “hit” all the really big cost saving areas & your costs of cash distribution remain stubbornly high
  • You must continue to provide accessible and affordable cash to delight customers and remain competitive


Ask for your personalized business case consultation to “size your prize”.
Your ATM channel alone could be hiding an annual value of $10-20 million a year or more