Why should your bank consider Perativ over other solutions?

Our first priority, as is yours, is security. If it's not secure, it's not usable. That’s why we are SOC 2 certified. We use the Azure datacenter, and we need no cardholder data for anything that we do.

Our system is already up and running and — most importantly — proven on a network of 10,000 ATMs. There are no differences between one ATM and the next, and the cash network is identical. All we need
to do is convert the data on the front end to flow through the system the same way it does for all the other ATMs on the network. All you need to do is configure the input files that we need for transactions
and cash position.

Beyond that, you should consider Perativ for the ease of use our solution offers. The entire operation and management of your cash distribution network is handled by our own people on our system for your machines.

You get all the benefits of our cash optimization expertise in this area, all while we cover your entire cash cycle.

Want to learn more about why you should consider Perativ over other solutions as your cash distribution network optimization software? Click here now. 

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