What’s the Breakthrough Perativ Realized about Banks’ Cash Data?

At Perativ we recognized that there are two key drivers keeping cash costs high for retail banks - data lags and idle cash. Data lags that impair full cash distribution efficiencies including CIT cost, added workload and idle cash as a result of significant cash buffers.

The breakthrough we realized was that there are four core functions at the heart of retail bank cash distribution: load compliance, treasury reconciliation, cash forecasting and bulk cash orders.

Looking into this, we understood that these four core bank functions did not operate in a coordinated manner, resulting in critical data lags regarding the amount of cash actually in the system at any given time.

With our cash network automation software at www.perativ.com, we can provide real time data around where your cash really is, how much you need to order and when. 

With Perativ, you retain your existing cash ecosystem vendors (like CIT providers) and retain your internal cash ecosystem structure). Our dynamic cash network optimization software is driven by machine learning technology providing a holistic view of the ATM cash cycle (including daily cash load compliance, treasury reconciliation, daily cash forecasting and bulk cash ordering), providing you the data you need to optimize cash versus incurring unnecessary cash loading costs, while still satisfying every customer who needs cash.

Want to know how Perativ can help cut your cash costs while still servicing the customers who need it? Talk to us today.

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