Lower Your Cash Costs With This Cash Forecasting Software

How can you lower costs in your bank’s cash distribution network?

Well, if you haven't already done it, you could start with the conventional methods. Improve your cash forecasting for ATMs and TCRs. Renegotiate your CIT contracts to lower the cost per load.  And review your distribution network for any very low volume touchpoints where you could close a branch or remove an ATM and have a minimal impact on customers.

But to get next-level savings, you have to realize that there are three interrelated silos within the bank that report up through three different channels. If you've adjusted your cash forecasting, you've identified the first silo. But you also have to recognize the data lags caused by the accounting silo for loads and returns, and how they are doing their reconciliations, and the treasury silo for total cash float, where the lack of urgency also creates data lags.

With Perativ's processes and systems, you can eliminate those data lags and eradicate the silos. Doing so will drive tremendous value into your cash distribution network, significantly reducing cash float amount, knocking costs down and freeing up employees for more future-oriented activities.

Perativ’s ATM cash forecasting software delivers these savings on thousands of ATMs powered by Perativ every day. Now, your bank can access these same savings through a proven SaaS platform that gives you 100% visibility into reporting and cash at all times. You could drive annual savings in excess of $10 million while maintaining and delighting you customers with convenient access to cash.

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