Is Perativ’s Software Easy to Oversee?

The biggest advantage of having Perativ's software for your bank's cash distribution network management software is that we take care of it for you, taking one more thing off the plate of your IT managers. 

At Perativ, we take care of the software and operations, but we also take care of the software’s management. Our people operate it on our system for all of your cash distribution points (ATM's). 

You benefit from our expertise in this area,  while we cover your entire cash network distribution cycle. When we partner, your IT team's only role will be creating the initial data feeds and integration into the Perativ SaaS system. After that, your team can sit back and simply monitor the dashboards and the cash utilization, making sure you're comfortable with where your money is at any given time. 

Beyond that, all you have to do is enjoy the savings from our ATM and bank cash management software.

Looking for an innovative and automated software solution for managing your retail banks' cash distribution network? Click here for more details.

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