Is Perativ Right For You & Your Cash Distribution Network?

Should you consider Perativ for your cash distribution network? 

Do you have a growing urgency within your bank to reduce the costs of your cash distribution? Are you coming to the realization that optimizing cash forecasting and renegotiating CIT contracts simply isn't enough to get you there? If so, then Perativ’s bank cash management SaaS could be the solution for you.

Our solution exists now, is proven, and is driving value every single day. It also gives you the best of both worlds: you get to keep your long-term relationships with your CIT providers like Brinks or Garda, and with your hardware providers like NCR and Diebold. But, with this cash management sotware for banks, you also get immediate, transformational change in your cash distribution network management that will drive value of $10 million or more on an annual basis.

Are you ready for the Perativ solution? Click here now!

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