How Perativ Can Help with Your Branded ATMs


At Perativ, we’re known for our own network of ATMs, but we’re often asked if we also do ATM deployment programs for banks. The answer is: YES.

We’ve been deploying and operating bank branded ATM for major banks since 2011, and we do so in a very strategic way. We'll sit down and work with our banking partners to really understand what it is they are trying to achieve with their ATM footprint. Are they trying to fill remote locations where they may have closed down a remote branch? Are they trying to fill and deploy more ATMs in a certain geographic area for competitive reasons? Are they responding to a commercial customer who may have asked for an ATM in their location, but the economics don't work for the bank?

These are all real scenarios, and in each of them we’ve been able to partner with banks to help them fill out their ATM fleets more efficiently and drive down the cost of operating those ATMs with our ATM software and services.

We do all this as a genuine partnership, and we are very flexible around the contracting.

We have situations, for example, where the bank has contracted a larger relationship with a client where they have in-store banking and card services. In these cases, we'll provide all the ATM and ATM operations under their contract.

In other instances, we have contracts where merchants are working directly with us, but it's an attractive ATM location for a bank. Our solution? We simply convert that ATM to a bank-branded ATM and make it free to their customers at that specific location, which the bank has identified as important.

A third model is driven by a bank having a large customer relationship. They might have hundreds of ATMs with a merchant, and they simply don't want that many anymore. We're able to partner with the bank to ensure the merchant is satisfied by keeping an ATM in each location, but the bank is also satisfied by reducing the number that carry their bank brand. We work collaboratively to satisfy the bank's strategic goals around ATM deployments.

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