Branded ATM Solutions for Banks

While cash use has declined somewhat in recent times, people haven’t stopped wanting or using cash. This has proved problematic for retail banks, as the cost of distributing cash has only risen. Banks are now under a great deal of pressure to transform their cash distribution networks to lower cash costs, yet still serve their customers’ need for cash. ATM management is a crucial part of this undertaking.

Perativ can assist you in managing cash in ATMs as well as with your branding needs. Our cash distribution network application (SaaS/AI machine learning platform) takes the complexity out of managing ATMs and untangles the cash supply chain. These services drive down costs while generating revenue for banks. And, customers will have the access to the cash they require.

Why Branded ATMs?

Placing branded ATMs in locations that are frequented by consumers promotes awareness of your retail bank brand. Using branded ATMs is an excellent way to expand your network in areas where you may have closed a branch, or to simply widen the reach of your ATM fleet. Further, this practice can give you an additional competitive edge by bringing in new customers.

Consumers desire fee-free use of the ATMs that are convenient to them. In fact, according to data from Navantas, while having a branch nearby decreased in importance to consumers from 2014 to 2018, having surcharge-free ATM access increased in importance during that same time period. This trend could easily lead to consumers seeking out banks with branded ATMs which are convenient to them to secure a customer relationship, and thus, obtain fee-free ATM use. The statistics appear to have borne this out.

Consider the 2019 Federal Reserve Payments Study, last updated January 6, 2020. According to the Federal Reserve, of all ATM cash withdrawals, the percentage of fee-free ATM cash withdrawals rose from 64 percent in number of withdrawals and 69.9 percent in value of withdrawals in 2015 to 67 percent in number and 73.1 percent in value in 2018. By contrast, ATM cash withdrawals from ATMs not owned by the cardholder’s bank fell at a rate of 3.7 percent per year in number and 2.3 percent per year in value from 2015 to 2018.

Having your billboard displayed in busy locations not only increases your brand’s visibility, but it can clearly bring in new customers. Branded ATMs can help you serve your customers’ need for cash when you don’t have a branch near their home, place of employment or preferred shops. This convenient “own bank” access, in turn, provides a positive experience for your customers, bringing then back to you again and again for the services they need.

Why Perativ?

Perativ is the leading Canadian ATM operator, with more than 11,000 ATM locations across Canada and the United States which can be employed to meet your bank’s specific needs. We are also a leader in cost effective Bank Branded deployments for major banks.

We will work closely with you as a strategic partner to meet your bank’s objectives of driving down costs, remaining competitive and ensuring convenient access to cash for your customers. Perativ has a proven method to cost effectively optimize your bank’s ATM fleet. And, in the management of ATMs in that fleet, you will have our dynamic, powerful, automated SaaS platform with machine learning behind you.

How Perativ can meet your Branded ATM needs

Among the myriad services Perativ offers in the management of ATMs is partnering with you to acquire ATM locations you want, whether to offset branch closures in remote areas or to compete in select geographies. We work together with your team in deployment and ATM management in the most cost effective manner. For instance, your bank can leverage Perativ’s more than 11,000 existing ATM locations to meet your particular geographic needs. Or, you may enter into a contract with a merchant directly and we will deploy and provide the management of the ATMs.

ATM management to meet your bank’s strategic goals requires a partnership mindset. In this relationship, our principal objective is to foster mutual trust and flexibility. We thoroughly vet potential merchant partners. And, you will never have to compete with other banks for merchant sites.

Each ATM and its location are evaluated separately to arrive at a base cost. Then certain variables are assessed that will affect this either up or down. In other words, Perativ will work with your bank based, in part, on

  • the fees you pay the merchant for the right to place an ATM,
  • the number of surcharged withdrawals at that ATM,
  • the number of fee-free withdrawals at that ATM, and
  • the cost to service that location, whether urban, rural, or remote.

Executed in a trusted partner mindset relationship, this flexible approach is proven to aid in cost effectively optimizing bank ATM fleets.

Perativ’s ATM Management Solutions

Our cash distribution network application (SaaS/AI machine learning platform) has everything you need to manage ATM cash. Managing ATMs effectively requires that banks optimize their cash distribution networks. Perativ’s dynamic, automated system does exactly that. By integrating and automating the four functions at the heart of the bank’s cash cycle, we have eliminated the data lags that keep cash distribution costs stubbornly high.

These four core functions at the heart of cash distribution are load compliance, treasury reconciliation, cash forecasting and bulk cash ordering. Perativ’s proven system makes it possible to perform both load compliance and treasury reconciliation on a daily basis, eliminating data lags. Cash forecasting is then informed by this timely data. Thereafter, bulk cash ordering is fully informed and accounts for all cash in the system allowing banks to confidently reduce cash orders and eliminating idle cash to help drive down distribution costs.

With the power of Perativ’s SaaS/AI machine learning platform behind you, managing cash in ATMs becomes almost effortless. Our dynamic AI cash forecast is tailored to each device, and updates every 10 minutes to allow you to manage ATM cash in real time. This means fewer scheduled and emergency CIT loads for the bank’s entire ATM fleet. It also means less time that merchants and bank staff have to spend managing cash in ATMs.

Are you ready to transform your ATM fleet with Bank Branded ATMs powered by Perativ?

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